Conference Registration Fees and Deadlines

Early Registration (to December 12th) AED 470.00 Early Registration (to December 12th) AED 640.00
Pre-Registration (to February 13th) AED 580.00 Pre-Registration (to February 13th) AED 750.00
On-site Registration (CASH ONLY) AED 700.00 On-site Registration (CASH ONLY) AED 870.00


Professional Development Courses and Job Fair Registration

Pre-Conference Development Courses (March 12, 2014)

  • Personal and Professional Strategic Planning for ELT Educators (AED 590.00)
  • Mobile Devices as Language Learning Tools (AED 600.00)
  • IELTS and the Language Teacher (AED 620.00)
  • Pronunciation in Practice (AED 630.00)

In-Conference Certificate Course (March 13 - 15, 2014)

  • Student Achievement: Making the Difference (AED 700.00)

Job Fair Registration (AED 100.00)

Important Notes

  • TESOL Arabia reserves the right to alter the content of the conference program at any time before or during the conference.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable and memberships are non-transferable.
  • Conference registrations are non-transferable.
  • Conference cancellations, for which there is a 100 AED processing fee, must be received in writing on or before February 22, 2014.

Payment Procedures (All payments must be made in UAE dirhams.)

CASH should be paid in person at International Conferences & Exhibitions (IC&E) offices and NOT sent by post. For directions to our office, please call +971 4 337 2718.

CHEQUES and BANK DRAFTS should be drawn in favor of "International Conferences and Exhibitions LLC." They must be drawn in UAE dirhams only and can be mailed along with this form.

DIRECT DEPOSITS should be deposited in UAE dirhams only to Mashreq Bank, Park Place Branch, PO Box 1250, Dubai, UAE.

Acct No. 0994710846
Acct Name: International Conferences and Exhibitions LLC
Swift Code: BOMLAEAD
IBAN: AE76 0330 0000 1099 4710 846

When making a direct deposit, the ORIGINAL deposit slip (usually pink in color) MUST be sent to IC&E with a completed registration form. If you are depositing money from outside the UAE, please note that you are required to pay an additional 75 AED fee to cover bank charges. Please also account for any exchange rate differences. IC&E will only take into account the amount in UAE dirhams received into our bank account. This must be the same as the appropriate fee. You are not registered for the conference until this form is received together with the direct deposit slip.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS can only be made online by completing the online registration form. Please be sure that you are not up to your limit or that your card has not expired as this will delay payment being processed. Note that credit card payments will incur an additional charge of 3.1%. The credit card statement will show the charges being from "International Conferences & Exhibitions" and NOT TESOL Arabia.

ALL TYPES OF PAYMENTS made MUST be the fee which will be applicable at the time your registration is received by IC&E. For example, a letter or cheque posted on 11 December will not reach IC&E by the early-bird deadline of 12 December and therefore the registration will have to be processed at the higher rate. If you are registering close to the deadline, we recommend that you:

  • Register using our online form (requires a credit card), OR
  • Make a direct deposit and then post the slip and a completed registration form to TESOL Arabia IC&E (see address below). This will be accepted as the deposit slip will show payment was made before the deadline.

ON-SITE REGISTRATIONS will be accepted in CASH and in UAE dirhams ONLY.

For more information, or for inquiries related to registration and payment, contact:

International Conferences & Exhibitions (IC & E)
TESOL Arabia Secretariat
Tel: +971 4 3372718
Fax: +971 4 3355141
P.O. Box 29884, Dubai, UAE